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Don't waste your money on this and get the real thing cheaper. I have had nothing but problems and told to cover it up with a sharpie, I kid you not. (I got a black counter top.) I followed template and all instructions to the T but they did not. Installer (one guy) cracked the screen of my laptop while sawing off old backsplash and *** flying everywhere. (They did reimburse the fix.) The SS sink they threw in as a bonus scratched from day... Read more

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I've property managed for 7 years, growing up in a family business that's been doing the same since 1963. Generally we don't work with these kinds of folks, however, someone tasked with finding a new granite installer mistakenly submitted a request for contact. On or about the first week of August, that contact request was submitted. All we sought was a fabrication and install rate per square foot. They required someone to come out to give a... Read more

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Stay away this company is a complete scam. I have been in real estate since 1989 ant this company is the worst that I have ever seen. If anyone wants the real scoop behind this company feel free to email me at The product is mediocre and they start at $160 per sq ft well above Italian marble. The entire scam rests in the home consultation and hope that you wont get a second quote. Actual Granite is a third of the price... Read more

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We had Granite Transformations come out which was a free consultation. Lowes was going to charge us $75. She guided us with colors because we're not designers and we really appreciated this service. The designer was very knowledgable and friendly. We never felt like we were being SOLD...just helped with making decisions we were afraid of messing up. We decided to go with them mainly because of the professional and friendly service we received... Read more

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When granite transformation of Jax installed my counter tops on May 25, they sat buckets of glue and equipment on my oak hardwood floor and it took the finish off of it in a couple of places. When I called the Co. about it, the lady I talked to was very short with me (and almost rude) and did not say anything about what they would do and actually hung up while I was still talking and I have not heard from anyone in the Co. I am pleased with the... Read more

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We were excited to have new counter tops and backsplash. What a disappointment. The finished job looks like an inexperienced DIY project. The counter top joint did not match and had about 1/8th inch different in height. Adhesive splatters everywhere. They did not clean up but did leave razor blades for us to use. We found a cut on the flooring where a utility knife was dropped. There are several raw unfinished edges and other poor quality... Read more

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I haad Granite Transformations put in a tile floor. The work was poorly done, tile incorrectly cut; I have high and low tile, thin and thick grout lines, grout lines that disappear only to reappear a foot later because the grout is so deep, tile miscut around wood joint so the remaining two or three inches was filled in with grout which has two large holes in it. Manager came out to inspect and said work would be completed and high/low tile... Read more

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I had my kitchen counter tops resurfaced with GT and lived at that property for 7 yrs. after the work was completed and loved the product. I had no problems with the granite. It was duller looking than I expected at first so I would apply Gel Gloss to it every now and then to make it shiny, a product that lasts for awhile. But over the years, using granite cleaners, it developed a patina of its own and remained very pretty. Other neighbors liked... Read more

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I had two countertops installed in different homes by Granite Transformations. I was shopping for floor tile in my new home and called GT to see if they did tile floors. They said yes. I chose a tile and had it installed. I paid a premium price for substandard work. Tile was cut incorrectly so I have wide grout lines in some places. I have high and low tile and the high tile throws shadow on grout so it looks brown instead of white. The... Read more

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I had countertops put in kitchen and bath from the Maumelle, Arkansas granite transformations. I have no complaints the tops look great the installers were nice and courtesy. They cleaned up after themselves good. The new sinks are amazing. I had to install the faucets but that was not in my contract for them to do so that was not a problem. The sales rep was also great explained everything i needed to know it also help that he was an installer... Read more

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