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I haad Granite Transformations put in a tile floor. The work was poorly done, tile incorrectly cut; I have high and low tile, thin and thick grout lines, grout lines that disappear only to reappear a foot later because the grout is so deep, tile miscut around wood joint so the remaining two or three inches was filled in with grout which has two large holes in it. Manager came out to inspect and said work would be completed and high/low tile...
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I had two countertops installed in different homes by Granite Transformations. I was shopping for floor tile in my new home and called GT to see if they did tile floors. They said yes. I chose a tile and had it installed. I paid a premium price for substandard work. Tile was cut incorrectly so I have wide grout lines in some places. I have high and low tile and the high tile throws shadow on grout so it looks brown instead of white. The...
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